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4WD Sand Driving Day

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4wd Sand Driving Day

Come with us to learn sand driving and recovery and at the same time explore a NSW beach.

Sand Driving while very enjoyable can be quite dangerous: It is very easy to get bogged and with an income tied this could end up catastrophically. There are quite a few things to know about how to recover your car in sand but also how to safely ascend or decent big sand dunes.

Our 4WD Driver Familiarisation day will provide you with the opportunity to tackle a variety of different and challenging sand obstacles in a safe, controlled manner.  This driving day will further give you the confidence in your own ability and the capability of your vehicle.  For the experienced driver, the course will provide the opportunity to enhance your driving skills and develop greater confidence, enabling you to cope with varying conditions.

During your Sand Driving Day our guide will take you on an exciting journey to discover the numerous points of interest amongst the dunes and on the beach.

This 1-day tour can be enjoyed by yourself or the whole family can join you for a fun-filled day.
A great experience with an experienced trainer to assist with your driving technique, recovery and tyre preparation to ensure you have a safe and exciting time.



  • Suggestions on equipping your vehicle for Sand Driving
  • Sand & Beach Driving Rules
  • Environmental Impact
  • Recovery equipment including safe use of a snatch strap and Maxtrax.



  • Preparing and checking a 4WD vehicle for sand driving,
  • Sand driving techniques,
  • Tyres and tyre pressures and the related footprint
  • Recovery techniques in the sand without recovery equipment
  • Correct and safe use of a snatch strap & Maxtrax

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