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4WD Sand Driver Training

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4wd Sand Driver Training


4WD Sand Driving Day

Come with us to explore Stockton Beach, one of Australia's most interesting & diverse sand dune locations, some dunes to over 30 metres high.

Stockton Beach has a sensitive eco environment with the largest continuous mobile sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere.

During your one day Sand Driving Day our guide will take you on an exciting journey to discover the numerous points of interest amongst the dunes and on the beach. As a highlight, we visit the wreck of the Sygna, a 53,000 tonne Norwegian bulk carrier which lies aground on the Beach

Stockton Beach is a location very popular with both 4WD enthusiasts and new drivers alike.

This 1 day tour can be enjoyed by yourself or the whole family can join you for a fun filled day.

A great experience with a Guide to assist with your driving technique and tyre preparation to ensure you have a safe and exciting time.

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