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4x4 Double Black Diamond Training

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Course - Description:

The Double Black Diamond course has been designed to give operators of off road vehicles the opportunity to develop their skills and capability in relation to the operation of their modified vehicle in challenging terrain. It is also designed to give participants the opportunity to learn about the pros’ and cons’ of vehicle modifications, to assess which modifications might be best for their needs and what it means in the real world.

Typically modifications are made to off road vehicles to enhance their capability over rough or challenging terrain. The disadvantage to this is that the risk of injury and damage to both the vehicle and the immediate environment also gets higher in relation to the obstacles being traversed. Therefore, an operator’s ability to assess the situation before commencing and their skill in execution needs to be increased accordingly. A well modified vehicle in the hands of a skilled operator will cause far less track and environmental damage when compared to taking an ill prepared vehicle/ operator into the same terrain.

When a modified vehicle becomes stuck it is sometimes in a far worse position than a non modified vehicle simply because the obstacle stopping it is generally more substantial. This means that the recovery level of difficulty may also be increased from what is normally encountered. The course will give participants the opportunity to perform some advanced winching techniques in difficult terrain.

Duration: 1 day

Mode of delivery: Face to Face

Includes: Fully comprehensive "Getabout Training 4WD Guide Book", which contains Basic to Advanced 4WD driving techniques & information. 

Students who wish to participate in this course are advised that as a prerequisite they need to demonstrate competence in SISODRV302A; SISODRV404A and SISODRV405A.

Target audience:

This course is is designed for the 4WD tourer who wants to increase their knowledge and capability in case they find themselves on a track where conditions are tougher than expected.

It is also for operators of modified off road vehicles that want to increase their level of knowledge in preparation for driving increasingly challenging terrain and test the capability of their vehicle in a supported and controlled manner.

Double Black Diamon - Training Overview:

The Double Black Diamond training will take up where the Advanced Driver training ends and aims to provide additional practical based training for experienced drivers with modified vehicles.

Participants will analyse more difficult terrain, the pro’s and cons of using various traction aids and drive tracks that require a thoughtful approach even with modified vehicles.

Once a vehicle’s progress is halted by the terrain or a driver determines that winching is the safer/ smarter option, participants will be given the opportunity to perform advanced winching techniques for tricky extractions.

Learning Outcome:

Greater confidence in assessing, driving and recovering a vehicle safely in challenging terrain safely.


Who should attend?

Any experienced 4wder that wants to increase their knowledge and ability in traversing challenging terrain safely in their modified vehicle


  • A 4wd vehicle with low range and a with a minimum 2” lift, good AT or muddies. Rock sliders and under body protection are recommended. Full set of rated recovery gear including winch extension strap, rated shackles and snatch block.

  • Suitable front and rear recovery points (not tie down points)
  • Vehicle electric or PTO Winch

  • Vehicle traction aids (either automatic or manually operated)

  • Must have completed Basic and Advanced Driver training

Subjects covered in Theory and Practice

  • Participant's Vehicle Inspection

  • Vehicle modifications, pros and cons

  • Difference between lockers and other traction aids

  • Advanced Winching

  • Considered and controlled wins the day

  • Assessing a track for your vehicle

  • As little wheel spin as possible

  • Driving difficult tracks without damaging them or your vehicle

  • How to drive steep hills up and down

  • Navigating rock steps

  • Navigating deep ruts

Please note: We take personal and vehicle safety very serious and all care taken to avoid damage or injury however the nature of the Double Black Diamond training can result in vehicle damage, scratches or injury.
Requirements :
  • SISODRV302A_R21

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