At Alloffroad we believe in having the correct tools for the job. To this end, we have engineered vehicles from the ground up to provide superior comfort, safety and mobility over any terrain whilst maintaining a road legal status. This is something that is often overlooked by many 4x4 enthusiasts.
Taking into account the specific duties required of both our long distance tourer's and the more “extreme" but short range trucks, we have selected and built the vehicles to “take you there and bring you back".

The tourers - Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender, known around the world for decades as a no-nonsense, solid go anywhere machine, has been used as our starting platform. With the 110 inch wheelbase, turbo diesel engine, solid axles and long travel coil springs at each corner, the Defender combines space, efficiency and all terrain mobility straight from the factory floor.
At Land Rover Adventure Tours we have re-engineered the vehicles from the ground up to increase comfort, reliability and capability whilst maintaining safety and road legal status. We have improved the already outstanding features of the Defender by increasing:

  • Height – suspension lift plus taller tyres increase ride height by 150mm over standard
  • Width- tack width increase of 100mm improves stability with increased ride height
  • Power- Variable geometry turbos, remapped ECUs, larger exhausts and intercoolers provide massive increases in power and torque whilst maintaining fuel economy
  • Range – Long range fuel tanks allow up to 1300km to be travelled before refuelling
  • Traction- Manually operated diff locks combined with larger diameter tyres and longer travel suspension systems increases mobility in all conditions
  • Protection- Front, side and rear bars protect critical components and body work
  • Comfort- Upgraded seats, tinted windows, draw systems, water tanks and roof racks
  • Reliability- Strengthened drive train from gear box/ transfer cases through to hubs including upgraded cooling systems for the engines and transmissions


The “Extreme" terrain vehicles – Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery may not be a first choice for the dedicated hard core 4WDer, however at Land Rover Adventure Tours we take the already very capable Discovery platform and using the same techniques as with the Defender, turn them into reliable and very capable extreme terrain vehicles. The shorter 100 inch wheelbase which makes them not as good for long distance touring, is the very thing that makes them both highly agile and manoeuvrable in difficult terrain.
As with the Defenders, the Discoverys have been engineered from the ground up to increase comfort, reliability and capability whilst maintaining safety and road legal status.
For the in depth list of mods for all the vehicles