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A little camping hack for controlling small things in the kitchen drawer is shared in Episode 5 of our Victorian High Country 4-wheel drive adventure. We swim in the crystal clear and freezing cold mountain creeks early in the morning in Episode 5 of our Victorian High Country 4wd drive adventure. Out of Butcher country, the legendary Dingo Hill climbs steeply with sharp switchbacks, sometimes rocky steps and loose graves. McMichaels and Kelly’s hut is visited, followed by a beautiful camp by the Dolodrook River. Here my drone makes contact with two Eagles, and I lose her somewhere in the trackless wilderness. This story does have a very unexpected happy ending, so watch till the end.


YouTube Content Creator Stephan Fischer Faces Defamation Lawsuit Over Honest Product Reviews

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Stephan Fischer
YouTube Channel:

YouTuber Sued for defamation after honest product test

[Sydney 25th June 2024] — Stephan Fischer, a retired content creator known for his detailed 4WD travel and product testing videos on YouTube, today announced that he is facing a defamation lawsuit from Deep Cycle Systems Pty Ltd (DCS). The lawsuit, which involves potential legal costs exceeding $200,000, marks a significant moment for content creators and viewers who depend on unbiased product reviews.

Background Information:
Stephan Fischer has been a staple in the YouTube community for over a decade, sharing his passion for 4WD adventures, teaching and product testing. Despite the modest income from his channel, which has never covered the operational expenses or contributed to his living expenses, Fischer has maintained a commitment to unbiased, honest feedback based on factual information. He believes his reviews have consistently included disclosures whenever products are provided for free, striving for transparency and integrity.

Legal Challenge Details:
The current legal challenge stems from Fischer’s reviews of several sets of LiFePo4 under-bonnet batteries provided by DCS. After extensive testing over three years, Fischer raised concerns about the batteries’ performance and suitability for off-road and camping use in videos posted in 2023. These reviews have now led to a lawsuit filed by DCS in the District Court of Queensland, Proceeding Number 1169 of 24. DCS alleges that Fischer’s reviews were defamatory, made maliciously, and resulted in significant financial losses.

Fischer’s Defense and Appeal for Support:
Fischer stands by the accuracy of his reviews and intends to defend his rights to honest opinion and publication in the public interest. Facing substantial legal costs, Fischer is reaching out to the community for support. He is initiating a crowdfunding campaign to help cover some of the expenses of retaining solicitors and a barrister.

How to Support:
Supporters who value honest, detailed testing and want to see this continue can contribute to Fischer’s legal fund through GoFundMe. Fischer encourages not only individual donations but also support from companies that appreciate the importance of unbiased reviews. Sharing this message within the content creation community is also urged, as today’s challenge for one creator could be a challenge for any tomorrow.

Final Plea:
“If you can, I would greatly appreciate it if you donate to my GoFundMe campaign or Join me on Patreon” says Fischer. “Your support and sharing this message could make all the difference in not only my case but in defending the principle of honest journalism across digital platforms.”

About Stephan Fischer:
Stephan Fischer is a retired entrepreneur and passionate content creator, dedicated to sharing his adventures and honest product reviews on YouTube. His channel, ALLOFFROAD, focuses on 4WD travels and gear testing, aimed at providing value and genuine insights to his viewers.

For more information, to arrange an interview, or to offer support, please contact Stephan Fischer directly at [].

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Simpson Desert - Serendipity Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our awe-inspiring Simpson Desert journey! This episode is packed with unique experiences, close encounters, and practical insights as we continue to traverse this stunning landscape.

 Welcome to Part 3 of our awe-inspiring Simpson Desert journey! This episode is packed with unique experiences, close encounters, and practical insights as we continue to traverse this stunning landscape.

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Stefan Fischer

I hope you're all doing well. Today, I've got some tough news to share about a product I've been testing for quite some time now. This one really stings because it's a product I had high hopes for, and I'm genuinely disappointed to say goodbye to my dual 100 amp hour DCS lithium batteries under the bonnet of my rig.

I have to admit, there were several aspects of these lithium batteries that I absolutely loved. First off, the super-fast charging and the high charge and discharge current were a game-changer for me. Not to mention the weight and space savings I enjoyed with these batteries under the bonnet. It allowed me to make the most out of the limited space in the back of my cruiser.

I also managed to prove some skeptics wrong when it came to starting off a lithium battery and even winching off it. However, there was always one looming question mark, and that was the longevity of these batteries. You see, lithium batteries, especially LiFePO4, aren't particularly well-suited for high-heat applications, and that's a concern in the harsh Australian outback.

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details, I'd like to ask you for a favor. It's important to me that this update reaches as many fellow travelers as possible, so please help me out by sharing, liking, subscribing, and leaving a comment below. Your engagement will boost this video's visibility, allowing more people to learn from my experience.

Alright, let's get back to the batteries. A capacity test was long overdue, and I teamed up with Joe from JS Autoelectrics to get it done. To be honest, the results were nothing short of shocking. One of the batteries suffered a whopping 30% capacity loss, while the other wasn't far behind with a 22% reduction. These figures far exceeded the promised annual loss of just 5%, as claimed by DCS.

To give you a bit of background, Joe installed the initial set of DCS 100Ah marine batteries back in November 2019. They performed well initially, but their Bluetooth functionality had consistent bugs that went unresolved. After about a year, that initial capacity test revealed significant issues, and that's when we discovered the outdated passive balance technology was the culprit.

DCS assured me that their new active balance batteries would solve these problems, but installing the dual 130Ah battery system proved impractical due to size constraints. Eventually, in February 2021, Joe installed the latest version of the 100Ah marine batteries, but a BMS firmware recall marred their performance. DCS sent replacements with updated firmware in November 2021.

Fast forward to the present, and after a few trips, I noticed a drop in battery capacity. Joe conducted a capacity test, and the results left us shocked. One battery was at a mere 50% capacity, and the other was less than 80%. Considering my remote touring habits, a battery failure in the middle of nowhere is far from ideal.

To make matters worse, Joe's experience with a 75 amp hour DCS marine battery in his Prado was similarly disappointing, with a 30% capacity loss in less than two years, even though it had low current draw and wasn't charged by the alternator.

I must mention that JS Autoelectrics has completely stopped using DCS batteries in their installations, but that's another story. Back to my situation, I reached out to DCS with my findings, and the response was far from satisfactory. They suggested moisture ingress as the cause, but we found no evidence of that when we opened the battery with 50% capacity loss.

Then, DCS surprised me by saying that my 30,000 kilometers of driving over 16 months had subjected the batteries to six times the expected punishment. Apparently, DCS measures battery lifespan in kilometers, which doesn't bode well for those of us who drive and tour extensively.

Both batteries were sent back to DCS, and I'm yet to hear from them. This left me in a bit of a bind because I have a big trip coming up in just four weeks, and I suddenly find myself without any batteries. DCS didn't have any replacement batteries to offer, which left me scrambling. Thanks to Joe's help, I'm now switching back to lead-acid under the bonnet and adding a different lithium battery in the rear of the Land Cruiser.

I'll be documenting this new setup in an upcoming video, so stay tuned for that. Overall, I'm not thrilled with how DCS handled this situation, but sometimes, it is what it is. I don't have any issues continuing to use my 150 amp hour DCS battery in the camper trailer. I'll probably run a capacity test on that too at some point. The two 130 amp hour batteries in the back of my Hilux will continue to serve, but they won't be subjected to the engine heat, which might make a difference.

In conclusion, my three-year experiment with lithium under the bonnet has shown that it can work for certain applications, but the high cost in terms of diminished capacity isn't worth it for me. If you're willing to replace your batteries every three years and have the budget for it, then go for it. However, based on my experience and Joe's, it's not a worthwhile investment for the long haul.

It's disappointing because I loved so much about lithium under the bonnet, but you never know until you try. As always, I report back to you honestly, and at this stage, lithium doesn't seem suited for high-heat under bonnet applications.

If you're currently using DCS batteries under the bonnet, I strongly urge you to conduct a proper capacity test. Don't rely solely on the state of charge displayed on the app; that won't give you the full picture. Get those batteries tested by a professional or consider purchasing capacity tests from reliable sources like eBay.

Keep in mind that this is my experience and Joe's, so if you've had different results, please share them in the comments. However, I can't stress enough the importance of conducting a proper capacity test because simply saying the batteries are working fine won't cut it.

In the end, I'm going back to lead-acid under the bonnet and a reliable lithium battery in the rear of the cruiser. It's a setup I trust and should last me for a long time. But remember, this is just my personal opinion. I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below.

If you found this video helpful or it saved you from making a costly mistake, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share, like, and subscribe. This channel is entirely self-funded, and I don't do paid reviews. So, if you'd like to support me in creating honest and unbiased content, consider heading over to Patreon or buying me a coffee. A small contribution can go a long way in helping me stay independent and continue producing content for you.

Thanks a bunch, and I hope to see you out on the tracks soon!

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4wd Sand Driving Tutorial 4: Expert Tips from a 4WD Trainer | Ultimate Tutorial

Hey, adventure seekers! Stefan Fischer here, bringing you into the thrilling world of sand driving. With 14 years of navigating deserts and beaches, from the vast Australian outback to the picturesque shores of Tasmania, I've collected a wealth of knowledge that I'm itching to share with you. Whether you're eyeing Fraser Island for your next getaway or planning to tackle the daunting Australian deserts, this guide will arm you with everything you need to know.

Vehicle Preparation: Your Sand-Ready Steed
First things first, let's talk about your ride. You might wonder, "Do I need a monster truck?" Nope, not at all. But a few tweaks can make a massive difference. A suspension setup tailored to your load, plus at least a two-inch lift, can give your vehicle the edge, improving approach, ramp-over, and departure angles significantly. And let's not forget about tyres. The right pressure and size are crucial for that elongated footprint we're after, offering better traction and a smoother ride over soft sand.

Essential Recovery Gear: Be Prepared
Even the most seasoned drivers can find themselves in a pickle. That's where your recovery kit comes into play. While I've rarely had to use mine, thanks to careful driving and preparation, it's peace of mind to have it onboard. Essentials include traction boards (like MaxTrax or ARB Tred Pro), a sturdy shovel, soft shackles (remember, no sharp edges!), and a reliable air compressor for tyre adjustments. And, although not everyone's cup of tea, a winch offers unparalleled control and safety in sticky situations.

Mastering the Sands: Driving Techniques
The real secret sauce to sand driving? It's all in the tyre pressure. Lowering it increases your tyre's footprint, giving you more traction without the need for a heavy foot on the accelerator. Speaking of which, throttle control is your best mate in the sands. It's about finding that sweet spot where you maintain momentum without digging yourself into a hole. And yes, automatic transmissions can be a blessing here, offering smooth transitions without sacrificing engine braking or control.

Choosing the Right Tyres: A Balancing Act
In the quest for the perfect sand tyre, I lean towards mud terrain tyres. They're the Swiss Army knife of tyres, offering solid performance across various terrains, from sand to mud and everything in between. Their robust construction means fewer punctures and more confidence in remote areas. And when it comes to tyre sizes, bigger often means better. Larger tyres not only improve clearance but also allow for lower pressures, enhancing your vehicle's ability to float over sand rather than plough through it.

Final Thoughts: Sand Driving Mastery
After 14 years of sand adventures, I've learned that success boils down to preparation, the right equipment, and technique. Remember, every trip is a chance to learn and improve. So, don your explorer's hat, prepare your vehicle, and embrace the sands. Adventure awaits!

And there you have it, folks—your comprehensive guide to mastering sand driving, courtesy of 14 years on and off the beaten track. If you've found this guide helpful, why not share it with your fellow adventurers? Together, we can tackle any terrain!


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Victorian High Country by 4wd - Losing my drone due to eagles! Crazy footage [4k] Part 5

A little camping hack for controlling small things in the kitchen drawer is shared in Episode 5 of our Victorian High Country 4-wheel drive adventure. We swim in the crystal clear and freezing cold mountain creeks early in the morning in Episode 5 of our Victorian High Country 4wd drive adventure. Out of Butcher country, the legendary Dingo Hill climbs steeply with sharp switchbacks, sometimes rocky steps and loose graves. McMichaels and Kelly’s hut is visited, followed by a beautiful camp by the Dolodrook River. Here my drone makes contact with two Eagles, and I lose her somewhere in the trackless wilderness. This story does have a very unexpected happy ending, so watch till the end.


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The Attraction concerning High-End Dress
Style enthusiasts and luxury consumers usually find themselves fascinated via the elegance and status of premium style. From an complex details regarding one Hermes Birkin towards the emblematic design regarding an Chanel 2.55, these particular goods symbolize more than just style—they represent a good particular position plus exclusiveness. Nonetheless, not everyone may afford to shell out on these high-end goods, that provides guided up to a growing trend concerning replica handbags. Regarding many, these replicas give a approach to enjoy an elegance of high style layouts devoid of breaking a loan provider.
The increase within recognition concerning imitation handbags provides opened up a amazing interesting conversation about dress, honesty, as well as individual fashion. Inside some sort of website content, we will analyze an different features of this trend, offering dress enthusiasts with one comprehensive guide to replica handbags. Through an conclusion, you can have an understanding in order to create advised judgments that line up with your values and looks.
Moral as well as Legitimate Considerations of Imitation Handbags
As soon as the idea relates to fake bags, just one regarding a nearly all pressing concerns can be the moral plus lawful effects. An manufacturing and selling regarding counterfeit items tend to be against the law within numerous places, because that infringes intellectual residential property privileges. That certainly not only has effects on the income of luxury brands but additionally raises questions about a situations beneath which usually those imitations usually are made.
Coordinating and Integrating Imitation Handbags
Incorporating fake bags within a wardrobe can become both stylish stylish & ethical. One approach would be to mix top-quality fakes w/authentic authentic pieces and additional sustainable sustainable style pieces. Such an approach doesn't only enhances one's overall appearance yet also encourages a sustainable apparel movement.
When fashioning replica purses, consider the occasion event plus a attire. A classic replica bag may bring a touch of elegance to a a dressy attire, while an in-style design could make a relaxed appearance trendier. Never become afraid to play with different different patterns and accoutrements to develop a unique plus personalized style.
Furthermore, looking after for your replica bags is crucial crucial to maintaining their appearance & durability. Routine washing plus proper storing can aid maintain your one's handbags appearing new and fashionable for longer.
The importance Importance of Informed Consumer Selections
In today’s apparel landscape, informed consumer selections are more more significant than ever before. Though replica handbags give a budget-friendly option to luxury pieces, it's key to reflect on the ethical & legal implications. By being aware of where and and how you you buy imitations, you can relish premium style while loyal to one's values principles.
It’s also crucial to keep in mind that one's unique taste is not defined by brand labels or price price tags. Whether you opt to put money in authentic real designer goods or explore checking out the realm of imitation handbags, the ultimate goal is to find to find pieces that help one feel feel confident plus trendy.

Imitation bags have carved a distinct special niche in the apparel industry, giving a cost-effective & reachable substitute to designer pieces. Although they come come with their their particular set of principled
Associated Apparel Topics
Exploring the world of style doesn't finish with copy handbags. Here are some extra associated subjects that might attract you:
Eco-friendly Style
Immerse into the importance of green practices in the apparel sector. Understand about sustainable fabrics, ethical production techniques, and how to build a green wardrobe.
Vintage and Pre-owned Style
Explore the charm of vintage and second-hand apparel. Discover how to source premium retro pieces, the benefits of second-hand style, and advice for including these items into your modern wardrobe.
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Get innovative with Do-It-Yourself apparel initiatives and repurposing old apparel. Acquire practical tips on transforming your collection by crafting your own adornments or personalizing present pieces to grant them a new purpose.
Apparel on a Shoestring
Discover how to stay stylish without breaking the bank. Explore tips for get fantastic offers, shopping shrewdly during promotions, and get your apparel resources.
Capsule Collections
Understand the notion of a minimalist closet—assembling a group of essential, adaptable articles that can be mixed and matched to make different looks. Evaluate the advantages of this simple strategy and how to adopt it.
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Stay ahead of the curve by exploring upcoming style movements and industry projections. Learn about pioneering fashionistas, influential style shows, and the most recent necessary pieces.
Apparel and Innovation
Investigate how innovation is changing the fashion industry. Themes cover smart materials, digital fitting rooms, style applications, and the effect of social media on apparel promotion and buyer habits.
Figure Confidence and Style
Examine the relationship between apparel and physique positivity. Learn about companies promoting comprehensive sizing, the significance of depiction in fashion media, and how to style for different figures.
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Before you start shopping, inform yourself concerning the exact upscale handbag you’re interested in. Note the special traits, fabric, and assembly details that render it stand out.
Inspect the Materials
Top-quality copies employ materials that almost mimic those of the original. Check for bags made from real leather or high-grade man-made materials. Poor-quality imitations often use inexpensive materials that are effortless to detect.
Check the Craftsmanship
Check the sewing meticulously. Luxury brands and their high-end replicas have uniform, tight, & clean stitching. Loose or erratic stitches are a red warning
Pay Attention to Hardware
The hardware (zippers, buckles, clasps) on a replica bag should be durable and have a premium feel. It should also match the color and design of the authentic.
Examine the Interior
A high-quality replica will have an interior that is as meticulously made as the exterior. Check for quality lining, pockets, and brand tags that match the genuine design.
Top-notch imitations must match the mass and size of the authentic. Real designer bags are commonly heavier due to the utilization of quality components, so a good replica should seem solid.Conclusion
Look for Genuine Packaging
Many premium duplicates arrive with boxing that resembles the original, including dust sleeves, cases, and veracity documents. While not a certainty of high-quality, decent wrapping is a good sign.
Review Testimonials and Acquire from Reliable Retailers
Buyer feedback can offer useful information into the quality of a duplicate bag. Select for vendors with good reviews and a track record for offering high-quality products.
Locating a premium imitation handbag needs a sharp eye along with a little study, however the benefit is a chic item that brings a dash of elegance to your closet minus the luxury price tag. No matter if you're a fashion lover, a deal shopper, or someone that loves the appearance of opulence, replica purses offer a fashionable alternative.
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A Allure of High-End Style
Fashion fans and high-end consumers frequently locate themselves captivated by a sophistication plus prestige of luxury dress. From the intricate aspects regarding a Hermes Birkin towards an iconic layout regarding a Chanel 2.55, those items symbolize greater than merely fashion—many people stand for an excellent specific status plus uniqueness. Nevertheless, certainly not every person can afford towards shell out on those premium items, which provides guided to a increasing movement regarding replica purses. Regarding many, those replicas offer one way up to enjoy the beauty regarding high-fashion styles without busting the loan provider.
The rise inside recognition of imitation purses offers opened up an interesting dialogue regarding style, honesty, and personal fashion. Within some sort of website content, we will explore a numerous aspects of this movement, providing dress fans along with an detailed guide to imitation handbags. By the conclusion, you can possess the information in order to create informed choices that line up together with the prices plus looks.
Moral as well as Lawful Considerations regarding Fake Bags
When the idea relates to imitation handbags, 1 concerning an most demanding concerns can be an ethical plus legitimate effects. A production plus selling regarding fake goods are unlawful within numerous places, as that infringes rational residential property rights. That definitely not only has an effect on an income concerning premium brands but additionally elevates questions about an situations beneath that those fakes are produced.
Coordinating and Including Imitation Handbags
Including fake purses within your collection could be both stylish fashionable also ethical. A way would be to combine high-quality imitations w/authentic authentic pieces and additional sustainable sustainable fashion goods. Doing this does not only elevate improves your overall look but also also promotes advances a sustainable fashion cycle.
Whenever fashioning replica bags, reflect on the occasion setting & a ensemble. An elegant classic replica bag may insert a touch touch of elegance for a an official ensemble, whilst an in-style design could render a relaxed look more fashionable. Don't become hesitant to experiment with different various patterns & accessories to craft an original and personalized style.
Furthermore, caring for imitation handbags is key crucial to maintaining their appearance look and longevity. Routine maintenance plus correct storing could aid keep your your purses appearing pristine and trendy for a longer time.
The importance Value of Informed Buyer Choices
In the current today's fashion environment, informed buyer decisions have become more important important than ever before. Though imitation purses offer an affordable option to high-end goods, it's key to consider the ethical and legitimate repercussions. By being aware about where and and how one buys imitations, you can can enjoy premium fashion while true to one's values values.
It is additionally important to recall that one's personal style isn't defined by the brand tags or price tags. Whether or not you you opt to put money in genuine designer pieces or explore the world of imitation purses, the key is finding finding articles that make you feel confident plus trendy.

Fake handbags carved out a unique unique niche in the fashion apparel world, giving a budget-friendly and reachable option to luxury designer pieces. While they come arrive with its own set of moral
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