At Land Rover Adventure Tours we venture into remote and isolated locations. As such, our emphasis on safety needs to be of the highest order. This starts with our trip planning right through to our equipment, training and operational procedures.

You will be continually supported throughout the tour by two well prepared guide vehicles, one at the front and one at the rear of the convoy and two experienced guides assessing the conditions, the participants and the environmental factors at all times.

The following is a list of our safety features:

  • Trip preparation procedures
  • Operational procedures
  • Well prepared support vehicles x 2
  • Trained and experienced guides x 2
  • Participant trip training and support
  • First aid qualified guides x 2
  • Comprehensive first aid kits x 2
  • Multiple UHF radios including commercial grade
  • Satellite Phone
  • EPIRB x 2
  • HF radio
  • Mobile phones
  • Qualified Instructor and Trainers x 2
  • Multiple redundancies for critical equipment