I found Stefan after reading an article about him on a 4x4 website. I was looking for someone to teach me some off road driving skills. Stefan was not only helpful, he took me under his wing and helped me organise everything I would need for the trip, down to the finest detail.

Coming from the UK we needed to rent vehicles and equipment in-country. Stefan recommended an excellent rental company (Bear Rentals) who were more than happy to accommodate us.
Stefan exceeded all expectations, planning a route which would take us from complete novices to experts in the course of ten days, and give us a wilderness camping experience to rival anything I’ve yet experienced.
He took us to some of the remotest and most beautiful parts of New South Wales, far from the tourist trail. (I will never forget cooling off at Potoroo Falls.)

Stefan was always asking us how we felt about the terrain and the difficulty of the driving; if things were getting stressful he would find us a different route, while at the same time challenging us to push our abilities. His style is firm but honest, which meant that we progressed rapidly. By the end of the course we were driving some of the steepest trails in the state, and visiting breathtaking parts of the wilderness, inaccessible in anything but a 4x4.

During our downtime, Steve gave freely of his knowledge and wilderness skills, which inspired confidence both in his ability to guide us and keep us safe, and in our own ability to deal with the environment.

It was the most amazing course I have ever undertaken and one of the best expeditions I’ve experienced in over a decade of wilderness travel. My only regret is that I couldn't make it last longer. Thank you Steve, and I look forward to doing it again one day.
Josh Hemingway 05.02.2016, 08:43
I was amazed by the sheer beauty and size of the vast wilderness area that covers the Australian Alps. Access to this area is only possible with the right people and vehicles so I highly commend Stephen and his team for making this trip so interesting, safe and enjoyable.
Sebastien, Sydney 01.05.2015, 11:18
"Thank you Stefan for an awsome holiday, we are going to tell every one who wants to listen about our Vic High Country Trip!!! It was not so much a holiday as an adventure . Stephan, you really made this a special event for all of us, and we hope there will be more to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stue & Wendy Sydney NSW 29.12.2014, 17:59
"What a trip! If you want to drive the Creb Track in beautiful Far North Queensland then do it with these guys. We highly recommend Dave our tag-a-long tour guide who made our trip a real adventure, with his extensive driving knowledge we were soon exploring tracks we would not have attempted on a solo trip. Not only did we have an unforgettable experience but we received invaluable tips on driving technique and safety. A well organised trip with a friendly informative driver.
Thank you for a great trip
Myles and Pauline Penrith NSW 29.12.2014, 17:59
Just a few quick words to thank you for leading the recent Vic High Country trip. It certainly is a beautiful part of the world. The track choice and timing made for some adventurous, varied and challenging driving. Coupled with the outstanding scenery this trip makes me want to visit again and again.
Mark Sydney 29.12.2014, 17:59